We are specialists in what our clients call “turnkey projects”, roughly translated; we take on any type of project.

Research and Documentation
  • Inventories and cataloguing of cultural assets.
  • Technical documentation regarding protection.
  • Historical – Artistic reports applied to projects undertaken in the field of architectonic heritage.
  • Identification of cultural resources: diagnostic reports, strategic plans.
  • Creation of specialist software for inventories and cataloguing.
  • Preparation of Geo-referenced information systems.
Interpretation and publicising of Heritage
  • Interpretation plans.
  • Designs of cultural routes and itineraries.
  • Signalling programme.
  • Production of promotional materials.
  • Teaching resources.
  • Publications
  • Organisation of cultural events.
Museums and Cultural Facilities

Museums, performance centres, exhibitions, visitor centres, information points. Integrated services.

  • Ideas and conceptualisation
  • Preparation of contents / agendas.
  • Design and production of panelling, audiovisual aids, multimedia applications, documentaries.
  • Creation of visual identities and agents for their promotion.
  • Production and writing of classroom materials.
Professional Training

GESTO undertakes various professional training activities related to the field of cultural management, local development, tourism and museum studies.

  • Ongoing professional training for workers in the sector.
  • Conferences, courses, seminars etc for cultural institutions.
  • Training projects for specific sectors (for example, students in the fields of social sciences and the humanities, training programmes for persons with limited mobility etc).
  • Specific projects to raise awareness on cultural matters.
  • Exploratory studies before commencing archaeological activities.
  • Archaeological control of land movements. Site monitoring.
  • Excavations and archaeological surveys.
  • Paramental readings and interpretations
  • Laboratory work: classification and cataloguing of materials, lythic studies, topographic surveys, specialist photography, reconstructions and 3D simulations.
  • Reports, inventories and cataloguing of historical – archaeological items.
Architecture and Town-Planning
  • Preservation.
  • Restoration.
  • Refurbishing.
  • Land classification of public spaces.
  • Town-planning directives for the use of spaces of cultural interest.
  • Urban cataloguing.
Assessed Valuations of Cultural Assets
  • Valuations on real property
  • Valuation of the cultural value of real property.
  • Design and development of local projects (local manager)
  • Design and development of strategic plans
  • Obtaining and managing subsidies for cultural, tourist and civic items.



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